Dubai - an ideal place for investment.

Invest in lucrative real estate of Dubai with 8-10% profitability per annum!

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Dubai is leadership in investment.


Dubai - a perfect place to make a profitable investment.

Luxury real estate is a promising investment for income growth.

Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, and enjoys a prime geographical location on the Persian Gulf. The young and rapidly growing metropolis is an ideal place to make a successful investment in exclusive luxury real estate. It is the choice to maximise capital with a long term return on investment.


The perfect time to invest in Dubai

This is the perfect time to buy premium properties with an average return on investment of 8% per annum at attractive prices.
Become a successful investor with us!

In 2020

Quarantine measures have led to an increased demand for luxury properties as tenants are now looking for more spacious villas or penthouses with terraces. During the quarantine period in 2020, 10,243 real estate transactions were executed - a record for the last 10 years. The 10% increase in the number of transactions on average was the result of falling property prices and rents at the end of 2020.

In 2021

In Q1 2021, the value of flats and villas remained at the same level. Therefore, in March alone there were 1.209 property sales on credit, indicating high demand among buyers.

Current situation

The coronavirus crisis has halted the city's rapid development and negatively affected property values. The average price dropped to $2,743 per sq m. But with the UAE coming out of quarantine measures, prices are expected to continue to rise rapidly. The peak is anticipated in autumn of 2021, as the World Expo 2020 will take place in Dubai. There are only few months before the rapid rise in demand and in prices for the real estate in Dubai!

Investor support

The government provides maximum support for investors: 0% tax on rental property and the possibility of obtaining a residence permit are attracting more and more buyers to Dubai!

What do we offer?

A new turnkey investment project together with renowned UAE developers: Emaar, DaMac, AlDaar with the support of major local banks.
Our company in Dubai provides you with a full range of services:

• help in choosing a profitable to invest in real estate,
• preparation of documents and purchase support,
• help with financing, leasing and property management.

We offer apartments and villas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The average expected return on a luxury property is 8-12% per annum. Take advantage of the current lucrative real estate market situation and make a move towards a steady increase in your capital!

Is it worth to invest in Dubai real estate in 2021?

The overseas property market is constantly growing and evolving. The key is to consider in detail the pros and cons of investing in a particular region or city. And this is where Dubai wins.  

Most investors around the world opt for Dubai when it comes to buying real estate. Dubai is known to have a luxurious lifestyle, which attracts people to it. Delightful skyscrapers, a huge number of cafes and restaurants, minimal crime rate, quality infrastructure and increased return on investment. All these are just a few of the perks why people choose Dubai for real estate investment.

Now is the time to invest in Dubai real estate

Prices are expected to come down significantly soon and this will be a great opportunity to invest in lower priced Dubai real estate. The property market has the potential for increased investment returns due to the absence of taxes associated with capital gains, arena income and property valuations.

Investment in UAE real estate will prove to be profitable as there is no annual property tax in Dubai. Once you buy a property and pay the registration fees, there will be no more need to pay taxes.  

For example, in Hong Kong the owner pays up to 15% in annual property tax. In major cities such as New York and London, the owner is charged about 2%. It is logical to assume that in Dubai, it is much easier for property owners to make money than in other cities around the world.

Low cost of buying property in Dubai

Apart from saving an investor money that they would have to spend on taxes in other cities, the savings of investing in Dubai also lies in the fact that acquisition prices are low here. By buying property in New York or London, an investor spends 30%-70% more compared to a similar property in Dubai.

Dubai offers an increased rental yield compared to other cities in the world. The minimum rental yield is 5% and the average is 8% in areas like JVC. Therefore, an investor can make good money by renting out their property.

It should be noted that by investing in Dubai property from AED 1,000,000 (USD 272,257) or more, an investor will be entitled to a residency visa in the UAE.

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