Meet the founders and executives of the
investment company JMR Capital.

Jana Rubin

Business Economist (M.A.). Co-founder and partner of JMR Capital GmbH. She got 10 years of both national and international real estate experience. Jana successfully searches for and implements various investment projects.

Michael Rubin

Graduated from Moscow State University, Computer Science Faculty. After being employed as a senior consultant at KPMG, he functions as the managing partner for Alseda Consulting GmbH in Frankfurt am Main since 2004. Co-founder of JMR Capital and responsible for the company's strategic development.

Yuri Hussar

Responsible for the development and implementation of investment projects, negotiations with building supervisors and city planning authorities. Among his responsibilities are communication with the architecture offices, preparation of building projects for architects and their visualization in 2D and 3D.

Youssef Gabsi

Specialized in the search for building plots and commercial real estate in the Rhine-Main area.