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JMR Capital is investing in land, apartment buildings, commercial buildings
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Investing in real estate in Frankfurt
is a smart way to increase your home

Real estate market growth

Focus at projects in the business-attractive city of Frankfurt am Main and the Rhine-Main region, which is yet another significant reason for investing in real estate in Germany. Since 2011, house prices grew up by 100% in this region.

Comprehensive analysis

For development potential of each investment project combined with a well-thought-out strategic plan allows us to find attractive options to provide our clients with a profitable investment in real estate sector.

Project development concepts

Low real estate prices in comparison with other major European cities, demand exceeding supply and low interest rates guarantee the stability and profitability for real estate projects in Frankfurt.

JMR Capital offers attractive low-risk real estate investment options.
We have got ready-made investment proposals both
for the existing property reconstruction and
for the implementation of new construction projects.

We work in two areas


First direction

Real estate acquisition

JMR Capital invests in building plots, residential complexes, apartment buildings, commercial buildings. We also renovate houses with inherent potential to increase the value by renting or repurposing (for example, repurposing office building to residential apartments).


Throughout the Rhine-Main region
we are looking for:

office buildings

residential property

building plots

retail space



Second direction

Real estate investment

You get a reliable partner for project development and real estate investments in Frankfurt city and throughout the whole Rhine-Main region. We are engaged in land acquisition, concept development and project development, marketing and sales of our own completed projects as well as in expanding your own portfolio. the investor receives full legal support right from the start.


Frankfurt is investment-attractive

Land and property costs are significantly lower compared to other major European cities

It is one of the largest European and global financial centers.

The city is home to the largest airport in Germany, which is also one of the five largest airports in Europe


Please leave a request and you will receive a list of the documents required when entering into a construction contract with a construction company.

Reliability is №1 priority

The investor receives full legal support from the very beginning. Our cooperation is always legally fixed. The safety of the invested capital is ensured by registration in the land register, which is notarized.

Please pay attention
to already developed investment projects

Residential complex
Frankfurt am Main,
in the area - Nid.

Preparation of a construction application
The project will be implemented according
to the passive house standard

3 000 м2

Land plot size


Number of rooms

JMR Capital actively develops and successfully strengthens its position
in the German investment market, primarily due to the competence
of the company’s management.

  • Jana Rubin

    Business Economist (M.A.). Co-founder and partner of JMR Capital GmbH. She got 10 years of both national and international real estate experience. Jana successfully searches for and implements various investment projects.


  • Michael Rubin

    Graduated from Moscow State University, Computer Science Faculty. After being employed as a senior consultant at KPMG, he functions as the managing partner for Alseda Consulting GmbH in Frankfurt am Main since 2004. Co-founder of JMR Capital and responsible for the company's strategic development.


  • Yuri Hussar

    Responsible for the development and implementation of investment projects, negotiations with building supervisors and city planning authorities. Among his responsibilities are communication with the architecture offices, preparation of building projects for architects and their visualization in 2D and 3D.


  • Youssef Gabsi

    Specialized in the search for building plots and commercial real estate in the Rhine-Main area.


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Your responsibilities:

acquiring houses and land plots;

conducting negotiations with the company's clients;

working with the accumulated client database and actively adding new

We are looking for:




an active employee who wants to grow professionally and realize himself

We offer:

decent wage;

client database;

comfortable office in the center of Frankfurt or Bad Soden;

favorable environment for career and financial growth, friendly staff.


Real estate in Frankfurt - a steady return on investment

Investment property in Germany is a popular topic among many business people. A high and stable income is possible here at a low risk. Currently, residential and commercial properties are most often purchased for investment and rental purposes.

Those businessmen, who are professionally involved in investments, note that Germany has significant advantages compared to other countries. To invest in real estate in Germany is excellent choice due to several reasons:

  • the state's powerful economy, one of the worlds leaders in terms of GDP;
  • favorable rates on bank loans with an interest rate of 1.5% and a fixation of up to 25 years;
  • yearly increases in the value of properties;
  • more than 50% residential tenants from the total population;
  • opportunity to receive social benefits while actively doing business;
  • loyalty of laws to foreign investors.

The German government welcomes the desire of foreigners to invest in the country's economy, so there are no barriers to business development. The law has no restrictive measures on the acquisition of the German ground of non-residents, that is, there is an opportunity to buy the object on the same rights as those of local residents.

Is it worth investing in commercial real estate in 2021?

Commercial property in a convenient location will always be in demand due to its attractiveness to businesses. Rents in such properties are always higher than in residential properties. For this reason alone, the investment will pay for itself in less time compared to a typical residential property.

Investors think more about the location of the property and its effect on the business as a whole than only about the price. If the commercial property will help the entrepreneur earn more, the issue of rental price will not be as acute compared to renting a flat. For example, the price of a one-bedroom flat from a developer with modern renovations can be paid back in 12 years, while it will take 7-10 years to pay back the purchase price of a commercial property. But provided that the property has a good location.

Investing in residential property in Germany

With residential property, things are a little easier. If the property is in a good area, is equipped with everything you need, and has a modern renovation, it is always possible to find a buyer or tenant. Investing in residential property is a great opportunity, because not only can you make money, but you can also use the property for your own purposes and, in the future, give the flat or house to your children.

In this way, the money invested can be paid back within 10-12 years, and the heirs will be left with the flat. Recovering the value of a flat is much easier than paying for a commercial property in an unsuitable area. Housing is always in demand if it is located in a good area.

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